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~ WANTED SA has recently been informed that Okke Ornstein, a.k.a., the “Slut Blogger of Panama” has now hit rock bottom and has openly insulted the presiding judge who ordered the removal of ALL of his postings and links on his websites that relate to several of his victims.

Ornstein, in another psychotic rage, posted the following on his "Bananama Republic" web site:

Well, so far so good, but then they presented me with an order from the personera, some old pea-brained tart called Silvia Delgado Gonzalez, which orders me to remove one or two articles from my website. Now I don’t know where they breed these imbeciles, but she can order all she want but that doesn’t give her authority over my websites outside of Panama, and I obviously won’t be taking down anything, and even less so since there hasn’t been a trial and I had not even been heard before she signed that order.”

Can you say 'psychotic'?

WANTED SA has also been informed that the Honorable Judge Silvia Delgado Gonzales is about to give Mr. Okke Ornstein a very stiff lesson in the laws of Panama and where the web site of Ornstein.Org operates from [apparently he doesn't know]. She has also taken great offense in being called a “whore”, but we all know that Ornstein loves to use that word all the time because besides being psychotic, he is also a class act [can you just hear the sarcasm dripping from our mouths?].

According to records in Panama, Okke Ornstein registered Ornstein.Org in the Republic of Panama under a phony address and also registered the web site with “Go Daddy” with a Panama phony address and telephone number.

The Jail Cells in Panama are opening wider for the “Slut Blogger of Panama" who is a penniless pauper barely hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Rumor has it that he now wants to escape, ummm, go home back to Holland; however, we have found out this morning that the Netherlands authorities are waiting for him and will be most happy to receive Ornstein in all his glory.

Ornstein also posted this on August 31, 2010:

But the most important is that I don’t want to deal with Panama’s legal system. Here’s the scoop: I just got back from the personeria tercera, where I was called for a declaración indagatoria. First they didn’t have an interpreter ready, even though they had promised one. I then said I wouldn’t give any statements, because A) the lack of an interpreter is a violation of my rights and B) Panama has no jurisdiction in a case that is between a non-resident Dutchman, a non-resident Canadian and a website that is hosted in the United States.”

The above statement is a complete LIE [can you say lie?] in order to deceive his group of acquaintances in an attempt to get, as many donations as possible, in order to flee the country. Ornstein is desperately lying to his acquaintances, of course, so that they will send him money.

(More to follow on this pathetic story shortly.)


The wheels of justice have been moving slowly, but it's getting down to 'crunch time' now. Yesssss!!!!!

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