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Tuesday November 30, 2010 >

WANTED SA  has learned that several years ago, one Peter Gordon, a.k.a. "The Village" Idiot" [a favorite nickname for him used by many members of the various Panama Forums], "The Internet Troll" "Mr. Demented", etc., etc., etc. was sued by HSBC – Panama, because of  the nasty [and unproven] remarks Mr. Gordon continuously made about HSBC on-line. To make a long story short, "Mr. Demented" lost his case in a court of law here in Panama and was ordered by the judge to pay HSBC $5,000,000.00!!! for damages they incurred because of Mr. Gordon.

Mr. Gordon appealed the decision to a higher court and . . . he LOST again. Mr. Gordon then appealed his case to the highest Court in Panama, the Supreme Court, and . . .  he LOST [yet] again.

Bye-bye the $5,000,000.00!!! Plus court costs. Plus legal costs for HSBC's lawyers. However, our sources tell us that Mr. Gordon has yet to pay HSBC's attorneys' fees as ordered by the courts, and they - the HSBC's lawyers - have correctly sued Mr. Gordon for their legal fees. That case will be coming to court shortly.

WANTED SA has also recently learned that Mr. Gordon is at it again!! That is, he is now defaming the reputation [on-line] of several people here in Panama - one of whom runs a pet kennel, the other of whom takes care of lost and/or abused animals and often has to spend money out of her own pocket to pay the bills for her volunteer work.

That's not all.

Yet another woman here in Panama is filing a Denuncia against Mr. Gordon, because he has been spreading lies that the woman and her husband have separated [even though they live together under one roof - and since their marriage, always have].

However, Peter Gordon starting contacting this woman to “ask her out” as he calls it until told to ‘drop dead.  Wanted SA presumes that an old “dog” never stops urinating on the floor once the dog gets caught doing it several times. Well Peter Gordon – “The Internet Troll” has been caught again sending vicious correspondence to individuals in a malicious manner to cause personal harm.

Adding to all of the above, Wanted SA has also found out, to it's utter amazement, that two and possibly three different women [maids] have filed paternity charges again the "Village Idiot". Wanted SA was amazed to hear this because the rumors in the ex-pat community are that Mr. Gordon is gay, and while Wanted SA has NO OPINION - absolutely none!!! - about sexual preferences, because they are no ones' business, but the persons' involved [[as long as they are both consenting adults]], the fact that Mr. Gordon has several paternity cases filed against him comes as a complete surprise to us. Proving that everyone, including Wanted SA, has to do its due diligence re people they are considering doing business with or anyone who writes negative articles about them on on-line forums.

On top of everything else, there are several rather reliable witnesses who are now willing to testify against Mr. Gordon - if asked to do so - stating that he recently perjured himself in front of the law enforcement in Panama when he testified that he knew nothing about the murder of a dog in Punta Pacifica when, to the contrary, he stated to these very witnesses, prior to the court hearing, that he knew exactly who had murdered/poisoned the dog.

What a guy, our guy, the "Village Idiot" is turning out to be. So to all Panamanians and to all ex-pats, please be aware of the old saw: "Forewarned is forearmed" and then please act appropriately.

Finally, Wanted SA believes that where there is smoke there is often fire. Therefore, if anyone out there has direct knowledge [not an opinion] of any "misdeeds" by Mr. Peter Gordon and would like to share said knowledge with Wanted SA, said knowledge would be greatly appreciated [and, if requested, said knowledge would be held in the strictest of confidences].

It is our feeling that only by sharing information with each other can the ex-pat/Panamanian community help in protecting itself against those who would chose to demean, hurt, slander, or abuse them.

WANTED SA thanks to all the IP Providers, Hosting Firms who contributed to this report and all the Parties, Press, Law Enforcement and Securities forces who have contributed to this article and their sincere opinions and statements.

WANTED SA states that the facts and opinions stated in this article are those of the author and not those of WANTED SA. We do not warrant the accuracy of any of the facts and opinions stated in this article nor do we endorse them or accept any form of responsibility for the articles.