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FROM THE - CHRONICLES of Monte Friesner – Criminal & Intelligence Analyst and Consulaire for WANTED SA~

~Contributed & Written by Kenneth Rijock ~

Published on April 6th 2016

It appears that Mossack Fonseca's public relations campaign, aimed at disseminating disinformation, and denying the law firm's role in global tax evasion, money laundering, and global investment of criminal proceeds, is in high gear. We have MF partner Ramón Fonseca claiming that the source of the information was a massive hack of the firm's database, when in truth and in fact it was Fonseca's mistreated, spurned mistress, a former employee. who was the primary source of the information.

Most distressing is the fact that the law firm has been totally silent about its off-the-books, cleverly disguised international network of salesmen, hawking the virtues of the firm's services. What legitimate law firm does that ? None of the offshore services offered involved legal advice, merely tax dodges, wealth management of cash with no questions asked about source of funds, and investment of anyone's money, irrespective of their status as a government official, with ready access to public money.

While it is true that only attorneys, and law firms can form corporations, under Panamanian law, all this type of work is done by paralegal assistants, and the only advice proffered is a referral to the firm's wealth management, and other subsidiaries, who will hide the client's proceeds of crime.

look at these two examples of MFs opaque method of offering dodgy, non-legal services, to prospective clients overseas:

(1) Canadian investigators have uncovered a Vancouver corporation, ostensibly open for only one year, offering MF services, a decade ago. Here's the twist: even though the company is allegedly closed, it is still listed as an MF asset in some places, its telephone still works, and the Canadian attorney originally listed as the local manager has a long and dark history of involvement in suspect activities; he also maintains other vehicles for offshore work, not named as Mossack Fonseca subsidiaries.
Just how much business is the British Columbia office conducting, and is it paying any taxes at all to Canada ? There was also a covert office in Toronto, located within a million-dollar condominium apartment in the city's financial district, operated by a "wealth manager."

(2) MFs Miami, Florida sales office is located in a Luxury condominium apartment on pricey Brickell Avenue. I cannot find any means of contacting it, nor the names of staff members. The Registered Agent is itself a corporation. It has no webpage, nor ascertainable email address. Exactly how are prospective clients to contact it ? The answer is: don't call us, we'll call you. One seriously doubts that this covert sales office files any US tax returns.

Multiply these stories 120 times, as related by a Mossack Fonseca wealth management staff members, and you have a good idea of how this law firm pulls in dodgy clients, with dirty money. Perhaps  Lic. Ramon Fonseca should cease and desist from his many pronouncements about his firm's total innocence, for we do not believe anything he says to the media at this point. 

WANTED SA kindly thanks US Treasury, Kenneth Rijock, AFP, Reuters, BBC, Associated Press, DEA, FBI, ICE, Westlaw, Arutz Sheva, and all the Parties, Press, Journalists, Law Enforcement and Securities forces who have contributed to the many articles and their sincere opinions and statements.

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