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Having been stationed in the Republic of Panama for over 10 years, I was able to view the Justice System and the corrupt judges, lawyers and court clerks that openly practise a disgusting concept that they called justice; however, more suitable to cockroaches mating at midnight. Fraudsters impersonating journalists and journalist pretending to be saints while selling child porn from their computers.


Terrorists and fraudsters walking the streets while drug dealers practise their trade openly and protected by their sponsors who are the actual judges, lawyers and court diarchy. Where did this corruption generate? From the Venezuelans who laundered billions of dollars according to the very words of Alberto Diamond Former Superintendent of Banks for Panama who is now under indictment in El Salvador and could spend 20 years in prison or from the Europeans with their taste and hunger for wealth; such as the individuals, involved with Mark Mathew Harris who was released recently after 17 years in prison. The rapists and plunderers in Panama go free, but the innocent pay the price for living in paradise.


The judges and system in Panama is investigated for high-profile corruption offences have revealed a sinister truth: there is a differentiated treatment by the judicial system that favours them. Dozens of suspects have escaped the action of the Public Ministry, simply taking a plane, many times private, hiding from the investigations, until their skilled lawyers manage to ensnare the process thanks to complacent judges.

The rules are extremely flexible and what is worse, the interpretation is given to them by judges and magistrates to benefit plunderers of hundreds of millions of dollars from all Panamanians. These actions are not considered in any country of the world as a legitimate exercise of due process or the right of defence.

In the years of legal proceedings against those allegedly responsible for high-profile acts of corruption, hearings are suspended, judges paralyze the investigations and the magistrates of the Supreme Court sit on the files. It is clear that the Judicial Organ and the legal profession have a lot to answer to society for impunity in the country.

Chronicles of Monte Friesner – Financial Crime Analyst 

Edited from La Prensa (Panama)