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I deeply condole on the extermination of the Coptic Nation in Egypt. Over the years, hundreds and thousands of Coptic Christians have been killed and young girls gang-raped, in order to convert them to Islam; however, there is no end to the brutality with a deep blanket of silence spread the whole country and the United Nations as the world turns a deaf ear to the cries of the Coptics. Since the Arab Spring Coptic Christians have been killed, either directly or indirectly by rebel Egyptians who hate Christians based on hatred and greed to plunder their homes for money, jewels and furniture. The intervention of different nations in Egypt has increased the death toll, especially among young children and infants. According to reports that I have received from sources in Egypt that Coptic Christians have been discriminated for centuries, encountering murderous siege so that their assets can be plundered all on the order of Muslim Clerics who are usually blind in the eye, disfigured from birth and spout sick phrases from their mouths to murder Coptic Christians. 

Human Rights group have recorded hundreds of attacks on medical facilities, churches, schools and thousands of attacks on private home leading to the deaths of a massive amount of medical personnel, teachers and religious leaders — a vast majority of which it attributes to the government and its allies. Similarly, the political tension has also impaired the Coptic Christians hospitals, infrastructure, economic growth, schools etc. and created food scarcity, malnutrition and insecurity in Egypt as the Coptic Christians live their lives in daily fear for their children and for their families.                                            

In all these overwhelming conditions, it is the duty of an individual to help the destitute Coptic families and children without any prejudice. The austerity that has affected the Coptics for years must come to an end before the Coptic Nation disappears from Earth. Therefore, we should support the victims from the belligerent attacks by raising their voices and providing security to them. Similarly, we should provide provisions to the families who have been afflicted by atrocity. 

At present, there are several groups from Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA from all faiths and denominations banding together to help the Coptic families leave Egypt and immigrate to other countries to are offering to accept them as citizens. The United Nations, which has become a corrupt band of individuals and who lends a deaf ear to many disasters around the world.        

As a human be them Christians, Muslim, Judaic, Hindi or other great faiths, we need to stand against the inhumane behaviour in Egypt to end genocide and establish peace and justice in the country and bring the Coptic out of Egypt in a massive exodus to save them. In this way, we can strengthen the relationship with the Islamic world and could end the hostility around the world. I highly condemn the catastrophic attacks on Coptic girls who are raped daily and also families and request every individual to help the Coptic Christians on this great cause.

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