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One of the last and largest Christian populations in the Middle East faces mounting persecution---and begins to flee.

In the aftermath of the uprising by the Muslim Population in Egypt; there was an overthrow of the ruling president and his henchman and Egypt’s Coptic Church has faced an onslaught of persecution. Pro-Morsi supporters vented their anger by burning Christian homes and shops, and when the military staged a coup and crackdown on protesters, the repercussions for Coptics were enormous and tragic: at least 42 churches were assailed, looted, and demolished. Mobs destroyed Christian convents, orphanages, schools, shops, and homes.

This is the culmination of several years of rising persecution for the Coptics in Egypt, whose freedoms were already significantly threatened under President Morsi’s rule. In this volatile situation, the ancient church is increasingly faced with a sobering choice: stay and be persecuted and/or leave Egypt. Coptics have made their home in Egypt and are direct descendants of the Israelites who left Israel faced with persecutions from the Romans

Wanted SA explains this dilemma along with its historical context and recommends reading this book Motherland Lost: The Egyptian and Coptic Quest for Modernity. The book offers timely background on this religious persecution, demonstrating how the Copts’ encounters with modernity and Islam have shaped their role in Egyptian society. Now facing religious repression and violence, Copts’ best option, is to leave Egypt—ending a 2,000-year sojourn in the country. 

Monte Friesner – Financial Crime Analyst for and who also writes on his blog sees this as detrimental both to the church’s traditions and history and to the future of Egypt itself; however, Coptics are living in fear each day for their children and families who are being slaughtered. Many Coptic Church Associations and Organizations in various countries in Europe, East Europe, Canada and Caribbean have banded together to save the Coptic Nation from extinction and genocide.

Several None Profit Foundations and Immigration Consulting Groups; such as Canada Immigration Experts located in Toronto, Ontario have initiated and structured massive efforts to save the Coptic Christians by processing Immigration Applications, locating housing, education and even finding occupations for the majority of the Coptics who are well educated and industrious.

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