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Immigration Consultants, Lawyers & Paralegals, whose task it is to guide clients to successful results in their applications for residency, tourist or citizenship, sometimes run into a legal obstacle that their clients do not anticipate; The client fails his final government due diligence investigation. When this happens, not only are the clients disappointed and angry but the immigration consultants, who have worked diligently for months on their behalf, are usually not paid for their efforts; however, in some situations, ill feelings are born to the consultants and lawyers.

To illustrate this point, in Canada, the applications of thirty to fifty per cent of all those who seek residency are declined and a higher percentage for tourists are also declined, after the country's law enforcement and intelligence community perform a routine inquiry for criminal convictions, or other serious negative information on an applicant's record. The immigration consultants who assisted these clients lose a significant portion of their projected income as the result and the clients are unhappy. 

There is a method of reducing the number of failed applicants; immigration consultants and firms must have a competent compliance professional undertake an Enhanced Due Diligence Intel (EDD) investigation, before an application is even prepared and filed, on all new clients. EDD checks consist of exhaustive inquiries, on a global basis, into the client's civil, criminal and business background; the result is a profile on a level that will ensure that, if there is any negative information on an applicant which would bar him from residency, citizenship or visitor, the immigration consultant learns of it in advance, and thus futile and costly unsuccessful applications are eliminated. In many situations, the negative information can be corrected quickly.

When EDD is performed on all prospective residency and/or tourist applicants, in advance, there are no rejected applications, and the immigration consultancy receives its fees on literally 100% of its clients' applications.  Both the clients, as well as the immigration consultants, are happy, due to the successful outcomes.

Readers who find themselves in need of Enhanced Due Diligence may wish to access this company's solution, which has a fifteen-year record of success for its clients, and a licensed member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council has selected EDDI-IQ INC. for all its Enhanced Due Diligence investigations. EDDI-IQ, which uses its proprietary Second Generation, a Cloud-Based system with Artificial Intelligence (AI) incorporating facial recognition software (FRI), a negative news platform, and social media resources, resulting in a superior product. It is specially designed for immigration and citizenship applications. For further information: www.eddi-iq.com or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   

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