Okke Ornstein Convicted and Sentenced To 20 Months in Prison - States Don Winner of Panama - Guide

Okke Ornstein Convicted and Sentenced To 20 Months in Prison - States Don Winner of Panama - Guide

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Okke Ornstein Convicted and Sentenced To 20 Months in Prison:

Friday, February 22 2013 @ 07:45 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

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By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com - On 14 December 2012 Panama's Fourteenth Criminal Court declared Okke Ornstein "criminally responsible" of the crimes of calumnia (libel: written) and injuria (insult), and sentenced him to a total of twenty months in prison.

The case has to do with an article Ornstein published on one of his websites about Monte Friesner, which included nude photographs of Friesner's wife. The criminal complaint was based on the publication of an article entitled "Wacky Fraud Artist Monte Friesner Sues After Sending Nude Pics Of His Wife" which Ornstein has removed from his websites. The original article can still be seen here on the web archive. Besides finding Ornstein guilty and sentencing him to 20 months in prison, the judge Orlando R. Henriquez Sanchez also ordered the removal of the offending materials from Ornstein's websites.

There is a sort of cascading effect to all of this. First of all, when someone is convicted and sentenced in a criminal case, anyone else who has a similar sort of complaint can submit those materials to the court for consideration. In the case of Okke Ornstein he's a sort of "serial slanderer" - and all of the people he's gone after over the years are talking to one another, sharing information, and comparing notes. Notice that the article in question was published in January 2010 so it took more than three years for the Panamanian justice system to catch up with him. Ornstein used every trick he could think of to delay the inevitable, but sooner or later all of these complaints against him will eventually make their way through the court system, and he will probably be convicted on all of them. The judges and the prosecutors will see Ornstein's name over and over and over again, and quite simply they will grow tired of his bullshit. There are a whole lot of cases in the system making their way through the courts, right now, some more advanced than others.

I still expect Ornstein will make a run for it. He simply doesn't have the guts to spent 20 months in La Joya. As soon as it becomes apparent that the Panamanian justice system is, in fact, actually going to lock him up I expect he will run away, make a break for the border, and be gone. Then Panama will put his conviction(s) into the Interpol system (I'll make sure that happens) so if he tries to go through an international airport somewhere in the future - snatch and grab - back to Panama for you, in cuffs. But don't hold your breath. It's taken three years to get this far and the wheels of justice in Panama spin slowly. No problem, I've got lots of time to watch and wait. And of course there will be other, additional convictions coming against Ornstein for similar types of complains filed by other victims, so the time he's facing in prison will eventually add up.

Just ignore Ornstein. He's like a crazy man screaming at the walls of his basement - who cares what he's trying to say? Guys like this just bounce around the walls until eventually they either hurt themselves or someone else, and the system takes them off the streets. Good riddance. This guy has been the biggest puss filled pimple on the ass of the community of English speaking expatriates in Panama for a long, long time. All of them go away sooner or later, one way or the other.

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