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Firer’s Miami story began just as those of Victor and Natalia Wolf were ending. The Wolfs, like other fraudsters during the South Florida real estate boom, made a fortune flipping properties. Operating out of their home in North Miami Beach on the Intracoastal, entertaining investors on a luxury yacht, they sold stakes in developments in Texas and Florida that went bust. * Investors and lenders lost more than $20 million.



As the house of cards collapsed, the Wolfs fled in 2006 in the middle of the night — but not before transferring title of the vacated house, mortgaged to the hilt through multiple lenders, to G & G Property Investments.


Firer had acquired G & G, which deeded the home to Firer, who moved in.


When Firer sought a mortgage on the home, he ran into trouble. In an affidavit signed by a state attorney investigator, he was accused of grossly inflating its value — by $1 million — and misrepresenting $850,000 as an asset rather than as the proceeds of a loan from a business associate. Firer was arrested on two counts of mortgage fraud and hundreds of thousands of dollars were seized, most of which would be given back when the charges were dropped. The records have been sealed, although the Miami Herald has examined them. 


Because of the multiple mortgages, a legal war erupted over ownership of the home. It continues to this day, 12 years later. Among the odd twists: Firer is now suing himself as a representative of one of his business associates’ companies.


Today, the home where the Wolfs ran their racket looks from the outside much like it did back then. Four classical statues of robed women border the street. Thin ionic columns support the portico. A pair of painted gold lions guard the front door. Firer says that he and his family live there part time.

“That was probably the biggest mistake that I have ever made,” Firer said of his decision to take possession of the house, because of how it has tethered him to the Wolf saga. “For some strange reason, I am being tied to these jokers.”


The “jokers,” their whereabouts unknown, remain on the FBI’s most wanted list for white collar criminals. 

Did he even know the Wolfs? In an interview with the Herald, he denied meeting the infamous pair. 


However, in a 2007 civil suit deposition, Firer said he had indeed met Victor Wolf in the summer of 2006. According to the deposition, Firer and Victor Wolf had a lengthy meeting to discuss a loan and later went for lunch at a sushi restaurant.

When this discrepancy was pointed out, Firer demurred. 


“A lot of people came to me for loans, and it was possible that he was one of the people.”

*         *     Does Oleg Firer control the millions that the Wolfs had stolen and converted to crypto currency and invested in the Caribbean Island of Grenada through Arthur Gehl ?                          

*   US Federal Agents with the assistance of a reputable Financial Crime Analyst have traced Natalia Wolf to Germany where she is living under an alias.

            Contributed by Andrei Slavenkov - Financial Crime Consultant

       Compliments of Miami Herald

       Chronicles of Monte Friesner - Financial Crime Analyst